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Darvas Box Gold Trading Analysis and Darvas Box Gold Trading Signals

Developed by Nicolas Darvas

Nicolas Darvas is a famous trader who made 2 million dollars trading the stocks market. Darvas started with an account of 10,000 dollars and made a profit of over 2 million dollars.

This is one of the trading methodologies that Darvas combined to form his stocks xauusd trading system. Along with this trading methodology he made accurate trading decisions.

Darvas Box XAUUSD Indicator

Darvas Box

XAUUSD Trading Analysis and Generating XAUUSD Trading Signals

This trading method is used to generate gold trading signals based on a simple breakout strategy of the Darvas Box lines.

Bullish Signal

If the xauusd price on a gold chart breaks out at the top box line , then this is a bullish signal

Bearish Signal

If the xauusd price on a gold chart breaks out to the lower line, then this is a bearish trading signal.

The example illustrated and explained below shows a bearish signal generated from the Darvas Box Gold Technical Indicator.

Darvas Box XAUUSD Indicator

Break Out - Bearish Signal


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