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How To Open Gold Trading Chart

To open a Gold Trading Chart form the MetaTrader 4 Gold trading platform, a trader will select the "File" option as shown below, and then select the "New Chart" menu.

Open New Chart - Gold Trading Chart on MetaTrader 4 Platform

A trader will then select the "Spot Metals" Menu as shown below and after which they can open the Gold trading chart as shown below.

Open Gold Chart - Gold Trading Chart


The Gold Chart will then appear as shown below and traders can then start trading and analyzing Gold price moves from this chart.

Gold Trading Chart on MetaTrader 4 Gold Trading Platform

A trader can also open a new Gold chart from the market watch window as shown above. The trader can select the "View" menu next to "File" menu at the top left corner and then select "Market Watch"and the above market watch window will appear and traders can open a Gold chart from this Market Watch window. A trader can also use the short cut keyboard keys of CTRL+M to access the Market Watch window.


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