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Momentum Market Trends - Trading Parabolic Price Trends

What is a Momentum Trend?A momentum trend is a trend that has more momentum than the previous one; this new trend can be drawn using a much steeper trend line than the one that was in place before. When a new trend line forms that is much steeper than a previous one we say that the trend has gained extra momentum and becomes much stronger. These types of trading setups require a different type of market technical analysis.

In the example below: Also when price is moving upwards within a channel, if it breaks the upward channel a stronger trend is formed as shown in the diagram below. If as a trader your price chart breaks an upward trend line to the upside in an upward moving market like the one below, Do not Try to Sell, Buy More Contracts, Remember this Gold trading tip it can make you a lot of money just like the way it did in the trading analysis below.

Momentum Gold Trading Market Trends - Trading Parabolic Gold Trends on XAUUSD Trading Charts - Parabolic Trend on Gold Charts width=

Momentum Price Trend - Channel Break Upwards - More Momentum on Upward Trending Market

Using the same technical analysis example above we can also see how new steeper trend lines were formed showing the market trend was gaining momentum.

This is shown by the steeper trend lines that can be drawn as the price movement progresses.

The newly formed upward trend has more momentum than the previous one as shown by the formation of the steeper trend line.

This new trend forms trend B and C as shown in the diagram below drawn using the MetaTrader 4 technical analysis software, the momentum added a new steeper trend line as drawn on the price chart.

This is shown in the example below by the three trend lines A, B and C showing formation of stronger market trends as the market continues to gather momentum.

Momentum Gold Trading Market Trends - Trading Parabolic Price Trends on XAUUSD Trading Charts - Parabolic Trend on Gold Chart

Gold Price Gaining More Upward Momentum

However, when the steepest trend line is broken then even all the others will most likely be broken too. It is best to take profit once the steep most trend line is broken.

This strategy can also be used by short term Gold traders like the day traders or the scalpers, this pattern will frequently form on the 5 minute and 15 minute Gold price chart. These parabolic trend lines can be used to know where to set take profit. A trader should immediately book his profit as soon as the steep most line is broken.

How to Trade These Momentum Price Trends Setups

The momentum trend lines are good technical tools for determining where to take profit early before other traders. This momentum trading setup occurs frequently on 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minutes trading charts and therefore suitable for scalpers and day traders. For day trading which is most common the best chart time frame to use is the 15 minutes sometimes the 5 minutes, for example after entering a short term trade either a buy/sell trade and the market moves some pips in your favor and you spot this pattern then it is best to exit once the steep most line is broken and take profit at that point.

Technical Analysis Example

For this example we shall use the short term trading chart - the 5 minute chart for drawing these trading setup, when the setup appeared as below, it was a good point to take profit.

Momentum Gold Trading Market Trends - Trading Parabolic Price Trends on Gold Trading Charts - Parabolic Trend on Gold Trading Chart

Trading the Momentum Market Moves

In the above example a trader trading long would have waited until the steepest trend line was broken and then closed their buy trade - taking profit at this point thus making a profit of on this buy trade. The trader would have exited the trade at the best time and thus avoided the sideways market that followed.


Parabolic Trends - What is it?

Sometimes market prices move in a parabolic manner, and this is seen when panic buying sets in and price of Gold is driven vertical. During a parabolic upward move, there is almost a complete absence of sellers, which creates a vacuum of buying. When this occurs traders rush in to just get into the market regardless of price, in fear of being left behind. This parabolic trends can make the largest price moves in the shortest amount of time, traders will just keep placing buy orders in this setup.

For this type of move it is best to keep buying - no need for technical analysis just keep buying.

This trend will last for months on end even up to 2 years, for this time just keep buying and as long as those weekly and monthly trend lines are holding just keep buying and buying.

When the price of a Stock or a Currency pair or Gold moves in this way, the highest point that is reached often marks the end of that upwards move with prices not returning to the ultimate highs again for a long time. When this point is reached and the most steepest trend line is broken it is best to consider that as a trend reversal and it is best to take time off the market and enjoy your profits for a while before calculating your next move.

The same can also happen for a downward trend when there is panic selling and price is also driven vertical. This especially happens during recession when prices of commodities keep bidding lower and lower.

The steeper a trend line angle, the less reliable it becomes. When the steepest trend line is broken it is best to exit this buy trade. The example below is for crude oil chart that formed a parabolic setup.

Momentum XAUUSD Trading Trend - Trading Parabolic Gold Trends on XAUUSD Trading Charts - Parabolic XAUUSD Trend on Gold Chart

Parabolic Market Trend

As a trader if you come across a parabolic trend in an upward trending market just keep buying and buying some more - you will make a lot of profits, there will be no added technical analysis required just the trend lines. The only thing to remember is to exit once the steepest trend line is broken because the reversal on this trading setup is very fast you need to also be very fast. Just make sure you exit at the correct spot just like in the above example.

For example, the above parabolic movement is of crude oil trading chart, the traders had managed to drive the price of oil from $70 to $150 over a period of a couple of months at the top of the market those who call themselves analysts were so bullish they predicted the price of crude oil would hit a high of $200, what these analysts did not know this concept of parabolic trend a.k.a Vacuum buying, in technical analysis market trading as long as the trend lines held the direction of the market was upward, but even after the first steepest line was broken the analysts kept insisting the price would hit $200, guess what, after the most steep trend line was broken it did not even take two weeks to take the price of oil, back to $50 at one time it was even $35. That is parabolic technical analysis, now you know.

Another example of parabolic price move is Gold that formed on the weekly/monthly chart during the same period shortly after the steepest line in the crude oil chart was broken. You can open the Gold trading chart and use the Weekly and Monthly chart time frames to try and spot these parabolic trend setup of Gold prices.

Good examples of this setup on charts is the weekly and monthly price charts for Gold and Crude Oil, these charts can be found on MetaTrader 4 platform depending on your broker.

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