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Chande Dynamic Momentum Index Gold Trading Analysis and Chande DMI Gold Trading Signals

Developed by Tushar Chande

Chande DMI is similar to Welles Wilder’s Relative Strength Index, however, there is one very important difference.

RSI uses a fixed number of xauusd price periods while the Chande Momentum Dynamic Index uses a variable amount of xauusd price periods as market volatility changes.

The number of xauusd price periods used by this Momentum Index decreases as market volatility increases. This allows the indicator to be more responsive to xauusd price changes.

The Chande DMI is more accurate than the RSI, has less whipsaws and is less Choppy

Chande Dynamic Momentum Index in XAUUSD Trading

XAUUSD Trading Analysis and Generating XAUUSD Trading Signals

Buy XAUUSD Signal

A buy Signal is generated when the DMI crosses above 50 level mark.

buy XAUUSD Trading Signal generated Chande Dynamic Momentum border=

Buy Gold Trading Signal

Sell XAUUSD Signal

A sell Signal is generated when the DMI crosses below 50 level mark.

Sell XAUUSD Trading Signal

Sell Gold Trading Signal


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