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Gold Trading Online - The International Online Gold Trading Market

The online gold trading market is an international market that is accessible to traders who want to invest and trade in gold. Traders can access this online gold trading market through online gold brokers. These online brokers also provide other instruments that can be traded online and gold is one of these. These brokers also provide currency trading services, metals trading such as silver and gold, stock indices trading and also oil trading.

When it comes to trading gold online, gold is traded against the USD dollar currency. This means that a trader will exchange US Dollars for gold or gold for US Dollars.

Gold trading symbol in the Forex market is denoted as Gold - traders wanting to trade gold will look for the symbol Gold that is used to represent gold.

Gold Trading Online - The International Online Gold Trading Market - Beginners Guide to XAUUSD Trading Market

Some brokers that offer gold may also choose to represent the metal as just Gold in their trading platforms, but as a trader know that when you trade gold in the online market it is denoted as Gold.

The gold symbol Gold, the first three letters represent gold and the last three represent the US Dollar.

How Gold is Traded

Trading in gold is the exchange between gold and US Dollar. When a trader buys gold, the trader will buy gold metal using US Dollars, when a trader sells gold they will exchange it for US Dollars.

The exchange of this transaction is done through an online broker.

Online gold trading is done through contracts. A trader will buy a contract of gold and sell a contract of gold. This contract will represent the same value as physical gold. Traders buying and selling gold online will do so through contracts. The profits or losses made from transaction of buying or selling gold will be calculated from these contracts.

The main reason why trading is done through contracts is so that traders can buy and sell their gold at any time with ease between them and other traders trading this market.

The gold contracts traded in the online market are therefore more liquid than when a trader wants to transact physical gold. Online gold trading therefore transacts more volume than physical trading of gold metal.

The price of gold in the online gold market is also the same price as that of physical gold.

Therefore a trader wanting to sell their physical gold will check the prices of gold online to know at which price to sell their gold.A trader may also choose not to buy physical gold bars and instead buy contracts of gold that will represent the same value as that which they would have bought of physical gold.

One advantage of buying gold contracts online is that a trader can close their gold contracts at any time when the online gold market is open with a lot of ease because there is a lot of liquidity in the online market which means that when the market is open there is always someone available that a gold trader can exchange their gold contracts with.

These gold contracts by provided by the gold brokers. These contracts are denoted by the symbol Gold.

Another advantage of trading gold online is that a gold trader can trade this metal online from anywhere in the world. Gold trading is globally available for anyone to trade through the online gold brokers.

Gold Brokers

Online gold brokers are companies that connect the retail investors to the gold exchange market. These brokers provide traders with trading software and traders will open trading accounts with the broker and use these accounts to login to the trading software and place trades in the online gold trading market using this software.

The profits and losses that the trader will make from their trading activities will then be credited and debited to this account. The account balance and statement of profits and losses will be displayed on this platform.

Gold Trading Account

This is the account that a trader will use to trade gold. Traders are required to open a gold trading account and deposit money and then start trading gold online.

Gold brokers offer trading platforms which are designed to stream live price quotes of gold metal to clients. Traders can then execute trades based on these price quotes from their trading accounts.


In gold trading a small deposit can control a much larger trade and this is called leverage. Leverage helps traders to make bigger profits while at the same time keeping their invested capital to a minimum amount so as to reduce their risk.

Leverage is what makes the gold trading market popular among small retail investors because traders can invest in gold by using little of their money and borrowing the rest.

Demo Account

Gold demo trading account is a practice account meant for practice. The money is virtual and not real and this account is meant to beginners who want to start trading gold. Traders can practice trading on this account and they can then determine if gold trading is an investment they want to make or not.

Live Account

A live trading account is the account that a trader opens when they have practiced long enough and they have decided that gold trading is a profitable investment for them. With this account a trader will deposit real money with their online gold broker and start making trades in the online gold trading market.

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