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With the recent advances in technology and the coming up of smart phone devices that now have an operating system like of a PC that can have software Applications installed, it has now become possible to come up with trading applications that can be installed on Mobile phones.

Just like other mobile phone apps there are now apps for mobile phone trading that can be used to place online gold trading orders. These Gold trading applications provide traders with a way of accessing the online Gold trading market through their mobile phone. The most popular Gold trading applications are the MetaTrader 4 mobile trader platforms. These MetaTrader 4 mobile phone trading applications are provided by online gold trading brokers alongside the desktop trading platforms. Because the Most popular desktop trading platform is the MetaTrader 4 or MT4 - there is also the mobile phone trading application version of their MetaTrader 4 platform. These Mobile trading applications are provided free of charge by the online brokers and traders can download these apps on their mobile phone and trade the online Gold trading market with these mobile phone trading applications.

The most commonly used phone trading versions when it comes to trading Gold are iPhone, iPad and Android MetaTrader4 mobile trading versions. These are the best mobile trading platform applications to use as most mobile phones are either iPhones or Android phones.

But you should also know that the type of MT4 mobile trader version you install should be compatible with your phone. A Gold broker will have several versions, for Example:

The 4 most popular online Gold trading platform versions for mobile phone trading are:

iPhone- Download iPhone MT4 Mobile Trader VersioniPad- Download iPad MT4 Mobile Trader VersionAndroid - Download Android MT4 Mobile Trader VersionWindows - Download Windows Mobile Version

Download Android Trader

Mobile Phone XAUUSD Trading Apps - MT4 Mobile Phone Gold Trading App - XAUUSD Trading Mobile Phone Apps

MT4 Mobile Android Trader - Gold Trading Mobile Phone Application

Download iPhone Trader

Mobile Phone Gold Trading Platforms - MT4 Mobile Phone Traders XAUUSD Trading App - Gold Trading Mobile Phone App

MT4 Mobile iPhone Trader - Gold Trading Mobile Phone Application

Download iPad Trader

Mobile Apps Gold Trading Platforms - MT4 Mobile Phone XAUUSD Trading App Explained - Gold Trading Mobile Phone Apps

MT4 Mobile iPad Trader - Gold Trading Mobile Phone Application

All these mobile MT4 platform versions are only compatible with specific type of software or operating system of your phone.The mobile Gold trading platform is for traders wanting to trade from anywhere at any time.


Mobil Phone Gold Trading Platform

The Mobile phone Gold trading platform is the mobile MetaTrader 4 version of the desktop version. This version will also display real time quotes of financial instruments and currency charts where one can place trades and orders that include market orders and pending orders.

Mobile Phone Platforms - Demo Account and Live Account

Just like the Desktop version there is a demo account and a live account. All you have to is to download the trading platform and you can then open a demo account to practice Gold trading with.

To install an application, one has to go to the Apple App store or Android Google Play Store and search for MetaTrader 4, provided by MT4, after downloading and installing the APP, go to the "open demo account", if you have a real account you can just proceed to login part.On the login window, before login in you have to specify the following: there is a "search field" on this search field a trader will have to put the name of their online broker, but if you download the app from your Gold broker this field will by default have the name of your online broker.

Then Select either "Demo Trading" or "Live Trading"Then enter the password and login detailsThen start mobile tradingThe MetaTrader mobile platform requires you have an iPhone 4 or 5.

The main Features of the Mobile platforms are:A trader can manage open positions, monitor capital and equity from the phone platformA trader can monitor the newsA trader can place orders - buy stop, buy limit, sell limit, stop loss, take profit ordersA trader can close open tradesA trader can generate a transactions report from the mobile phoneA trader can carry out technical analysis on the chartsThe mobile trader platform also has security features

Just like with the desktop trading version, the mobile Gold trading version of the MetaTrader 4 Gold trading platforms will stream live Gold quotes, plot Gold charts where a trader can also place Gold indicators. On this mobile trader platform a trader can place buy and sell orders, place stop orders, place pending orders and modify any trades as they would like. A trader can also generate all Gold transaction trading reports and view them on these mobile Gold trading platforms just the same way as they would on the desktop version. The only difference between this platform for mobile phones and desktop version is that these mobile trading applications are portable and a trader can access them and trade through their phone from any part of the world that they want.

The Gold trading charts can also be scrolled from left to right and traders can place any GoldMT4 indicator on these charts the same way they would do it in a desktop MT4 platform. The charts provided also include minute chart, hourly charts, daily charts as well as the weekly and monthly charts.

With these mobile MT4 platforms all a trader requires to access them is their MT4 account, the same account that they use to login to the desktop MetaTrader4 platforms. Beginners can also use their MT4 demo account to practice on thisGoldMetaTrader4 mobile platform.The MetaTrader4 platform for mobile is provided free of charge and one can download these platforms from the App Store or from the Play Store and one can download the app with the name of their online Gold trading broker and start trading immediately.

The Mobile Phone trading platform contains 30of the top technical indicators commonly used to analyze Gold currency charts.

Traders can also access news updates through their mobile phone platforms.

The MT4 mobile trader interface is also customizable and traders can customize the layout to suit the layout that they want when trading.

The mobile trader applications use secure login with a password and touch ID access. Traders can manage their Gold trading account in real time after login to their accounts from their mobile phones and print any trade reports.

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