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MQL5 Gold Trading Signals with Automatic Gold Trading Execution from MetaQuotes Software Corp.

XAUUSD Trading Signal Copy Trading

With so many gold signals providers out there on the internet, gold traders and investors may have a hard time doing their own research to find a gold signal service that is provided by traders. One of the most frequently asked question is: Where can one find the good gold trading signals that are not expensive?

This tutorial will answer this question;

MetaQuotes Software Corp . The company that owns MT4 Gold Trading Software has a gold signal service on their website (and on your MetaTrader 4 , Click " CTRL+T " keyboard keys, look for a red number on your MetaTrader Software, below your trading account balance , there it is) where you can copy transactions provided by Experts. The good thing about this part is that using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 the gold signals are executed automatically once they are generated and they are not expensive, costing only $20 to $30 dollars per month.

Look at the Top ranked MT4 gold traders below, all real accounts, the growth curves are illustrated - so you may have the question why would those who are profitable sell their signal? to answer you the top ranked gold signal provider as shown below has 4,539 subscribers charging $20 dollars per month that is $90,780 dollars extra profit per month. So extra profit for the gold signal providers, while you copy their transactions and make profits on your account. The gold trade transactions are automatically copied to your account using MQL5 TET, Trusted Execution Token, you do not even need to be logged in to your MT4, once you subscribe, leave the execution to TET system - MetaTrader Gold Trading Signals, you will just be login in to your gold trading platform to monitor the progress. The procedure for setting up your trading with gold signal providers is explained below.

Where to Find These Gold Trading Signals on Your MT4 Gold Trading Platform

List of XAUUSD Trading Signal Providers from

XAUUSD Trading Signal Copy Trading - MQL5 Signals MetaTrader 4 and MQL5 Signals MetaTrader 5

How it works:


Beginners sign up and start following experts by copying their live xauusd trading signals, transactions are copied and executed automatically on your trading account through MQL5 TET, Trusted Execution Token; once the expert opens or closes a trade and there is no need for manual execution on your part.


Experts sign up and setup their live gold signals service through MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, others then copy and follow your gold trading strategy and you make extra profit from them as well as for yourself.

Gold Trading Signals Provider That Traders can Subscribe from MQL5 Gold Trading Signal Service

Live XAUUSD Trading Signal Service Providers on MT4 and MT5 - XAU USD Copy Trade Signals - XAU USD Trading Signals Providers

Choosing Gold Trading Signals - List of Ranked Trade Signals

Selecting XAUUSD Trading Signal from the Many

To select one of the xauusd trading signals, first of all go to the page that has a list of all the gold signals providers.

Find a ranking of the top gold signal providers, these are monitored accounts that provide detailed statistics as well as the transaction history of the profitability of a particular service.

There are two different types of Gold trade signals services to choose from, these are:

  • Top MT4 Signals
  • Top MT5 Signals

The one you choose will depend on which of the above gold trading platform you are using, choose a provider according to the one you are using.

Once you have decided on which Gold trade signal to choose from, there are three other parameters that you can use to help decide which is the best for you:

Percentage of Profit/Month

The percentage profit per month shows the most profitable gold signal among the top ranked ones. The higher the profit percentage the more profitable.

Length in weeks

This is the total number of weeks traded. The longer the duration, the better the strategy.

Number of Subscribers

You may want to base your Gold trade signals selection based on the decision of others or try out a new one that has fewer subscribers but has a high profit percent.

Gold Trading Signals Online - Review of Trading Signals - Copy Gold Trading Signals Online - Gold Trading Signal Copy Trading

Chart of Top Signal Providers Based on: Percentage of Profit/Month, Length of Trading and Number of Subscribers - MQ5 Signals MetaTrader 4 and MQ5 Signals MetaTrader 5

Graph of Ranked Signals - Based on: Percentage of Profit/Month, Length in Weeks and Number Following Each Strategy

How to Subscribe to XAUUSD Trading Signals

To subscribe to any signal from any gold signal provider, all a gold trader requires is to have the required amount of credits in order to start copying a particular gold signal provider. Credit is what is used. To get credits all one has to do is to register and make a payment and the payment will then be converted into credits. These credits are then used to pay.

1 Credit is equal to $1 dollar, for Example on the screenshot below 20 and 35 credits are required to subscribe to the live gold trading signals shown below. Once you have this required amount of credits you can then join the others.

Copy Trading Signal XAUUSD - XAUUSD Trading Signals Providers

Credits Required to Subscribe to a Gold Trading Signal


Connecting Signal Providers to Your Platform

Once you have registered, all you have to do is to select a gold signal provider, connect to their service and all trades generated by the experts are executed automatically in real time on your trading account, as simple as that. There is no need to manually execute transactions or setup alerts such as an sms alert, the deals generated are live and executed automatically by the MQL5 automated gold signal system.

All trading signals providers are screened from month to month and only the profitable ones are allowed by the system to setup a subscription. Those that are not profitable are filtered by the system and these do not pass the screening and cannot setup subscriptions within the system.

3 things required to start:

  1. Register an MQL5 Account
  2. Specify Your Broker: the available brokers list is provided when logged on.
  3. Account Number on Brokers' server (Password is not required) .

The table below shows an example with details of number of transactions, number of pips profit, number of those copying, account balance and profit graph.

Best Copy Trading Platforms XAUUSD

List of Available Choices of Gold Trading Signals Providers From "Toolbox"

After fulfilling the above 3 requirements, the they will then login to MT4 where they will find a list of all the providers as shown above. One can then select any from this list.

Complete this process by filling in the details on the following form that will appear.

MT5 and MT4 Best Copy Trading Platforms - MQL5 Signals MT4 and MQL5 Signals MT5 - Copy Trading XAU USD Trading Signals Online

Procedure for Setting Up Live Gold Trading Signals

After filling the above details, one will now set the " Enable real time subscription " by checking(ticking) this option. This will enable real time trading to start executing. One is also required to check the " Agree to the terms of use ". These two options are shown below.

To get to the window below, Go to " Tools ", Next to " File, View " at the top left corner of the MT4 Gold Trading Software. Click Tools >> Click Options, the window below will popup, select " Signals " tab and tick the settings shown below.

Real-Time Signal Subscription Setting on MT5 and MT4 Copy XAUUSD Trading Signals Online

Real-Time Settings - How to Setup These Gold Trading Market Signals

After filling the above details, the setup will be complete and the signals will start to execute upon clicking the " OK " button.

For more details on how to subscribe to signals and where to find more information on a signal provider whether you are interested in daily gold trading signals or Gold scalping trading signals, read this two articles:



Why Choose MQL5 XAUUSD Trading Signals Service

High Security Parameters - Providers work in test mode for a month and only the ones that pass this test are allowed to setup subscriptions. One can also choose from those that have many weeks profitable track record.

No need to keep your gold trading platform online 24-7 - Trusted Execution Token (TET) trading signals software system automatically copies all trades even if your platform is not launched.

Easy Gold Trading Signal Subscription - Select from the many providers at a fixed monthly fee. All transactions are executed automatically.

Experts can gain access to a large market of potential subscribers that use the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, because they can access this service directly from their MT4 Gold Trading Software.

Minimum Delay in Execution of Trading Signal - with Trusted Execution Token (TET) execution model deals are automatically executed and there is no delay in execution.

Free gold signals as well as paid signals - for those looking for free gold trading signals or free live xauusd trading signals, some gold signals are provided free of charge and are available for traders to subscribe. To know which signal is a free gold signal - these are the ones marked "FREE".

XAUUSD Trading Signals Copy Trading - Copy Trading XAU Trading Signals Online

How to Become a XAUUSD Service Provider

If you are an expert who is profitable, register in the website and become a seller of signals and access a large market of potential subscribers once you pass the 1 month trial test for profitability.

For instructions on how to become a seller, Read the instructions on Articles/591

Regulated Gold Broker Information: Read About Regulated Gold Broker Review

Takes 5 Minutes to Open an Account, Open an Account Early: Open Gold Account

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